International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology

2019, Vol. 1 Issue 2, Part A
S. No. Title and Authors Name
The efficacy of suture-less glue-free amniotic membrane graft in the management of pterygium
Nathaniel Godswill Inye and Gbeneol Tambari Joseph
Pages: 01-03  -  Viewed: 790  -  Downloaded: 245
Retinal and choroidal thickness measurement in myopic eyes by spectral domain optical coherence tomography and enhanced depth imaging: OCT
Samrin Sarwar, Kritika Chopra, Teisovi, Sunil Kumar and BP Gulliani
Pages: 04-08  -  Viewed: 904  -  Downloaded: 339
Comparıson of SMILE and FS-LASIK procedures ın terms of dry eye dısease
Servet Cetinkaya and Mehmet Gulmez
Pages: 09-12  -  Viewed: 765  -  Downloaded: 227
Prospective study of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide versus bevacizumab with or without laser for macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion
Dr. Saba Kausar, Dr. Minu R and Dr. Ajay Dudani
Pages: 13-20  -  Viewed: 741  -  Downloaded: 236
Essential iris atrophy with secondary angle closure glaucoma: A rare spectrum of Irido-corneal endothelial syndrome
Vallinayagam Muthukrishnan, Stephanie Sebastian, Sajeeth Kurinjhi and Senthil Prasad
Pages: 25-28  -  Viewed: 732  -  Downloaded: 237
Evaluation and comparison of quality of life in different categories of low vision
Dr. Geetanshu, Dr. Manisha Rathi and Dr. Sumit Sachdeva
Pages: 29-33  -  Viewed: 830  -  Downloaded: 279
Aetiology and risk factors of bacterial corneal ulcer in tribal population of Jharkhand
Dibya Prabha, Vidya Bhushan Sinha and Sunil Kumar
Pages: 34-36  -  Viewed: 756  -  Downloaded: 243
Role of intrastromal voriconazole in recalcitrant fungal keratitis
Dr. Monika, Dr. JP Chugh, Dr. RS Chauhan and Dr. Ashok Rathi
Pages: 37-39  -  Viewed: 771  -  Downloaded: 263
To study efficacy and safety of probing with Mitomycin-c in adults with primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction
Nisha Bura, Urmil Chawla, AK Khurana and Richa Sharma
Pages: 40-44  -  Viewed: 597  -  Downloaded: 215
A comparative effect of Intravitreal Ranibizumab and Triamcinolone in patients with diabetic macular edema
Roohi Sharma, Ujala Sharma and Zahid Gillani
Pages: 45-47  -  Viewed: 133  -  Downloaded: 56
International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology