International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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Vol. 5 Issue 2 Part B

2023, Vol. 5 Issue 2, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name
Effect of error of refraction and axial length on peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in normal people and glaucomatous patients using optical coherence tomography
Esraa Fathy Fouda Shaltout, Mohamed Salah El-din Atef, Yasser Ragab Serag and Tamer Elsayed Wasfy
Pages: 91-101  -  Viewed: 313  -  Downloaded: 132
Keratopigmentation as cosmetic treatment for leukocoria related to unilateral cataract in a blind eye: A case series
Kauê Marques Ferreira, Ana Luisa Prado Magalhães, Mariana Miyazi, Priscila de Almeida Corrêa Campos and Alexandre Xavier da Costa
Pages: 102-106  -  Viewed: 243  -  Downloaded: 79
Clinical characteristics and surgical outcome in patient with consecutive exotropia
Nesma Mohammed Hassan, Ahmed Lotfy Ali, El-Sayed Samir Arafa and Heba Mohamed Shafik
Pages: 107-112  -  Viewed: 201  -  Downloaded: 73
Correlation of macular optical coherence tomography pattern and visual recovery after vitrectomy with silicone oil for retinal detachment
Omar Mohamed Massoud, EL-Saied Ebrahim El-Dessouky, Yasser Ragab Serag and Mostafa Abdellatif Abo El Enin
Pages: 113-121  -  Viewed: 189  -  Downloaded: 62
Prevalence of endemic acute viral conjunctivitis and its preventive and curative homeopathic management among the population of south Gujarat: A community based cross sectional study
Dr. Roni V Dudhwala and Aarati N Gohil
Pages: 122-127  -  Viewed: 372  -  Downloaded: 191
Assessment of dry eye status in type 2 diabetic Patients: A prospective study
Kazi Nasimul Hoque
Pages: 128-132  -  Viewed: 188  -  Downloaded: 71
Evaluation of unilateral lateral rectus muscle recession for correction of small-angle intermittent exotropia
Ahmed Mahmoud Abd-Elmoaty Elkomy, Ahmed Lotfi Ali, Reham Refaat Shabana and Heba Mohamed Shafik
Pages: 133-140  -  Viewed: 211  -  Downloaded: 91
International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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