International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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Vol. 5 Issue 1 Part B

2023, Vol. 5 Issue 1, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name
A case of thyroid associated ophthalmopathy
Suchita Singh, Prabha Sonwani and Namrata Paicro
Pages: 83-85  -  Viewed: 449  -  Downloaded: 168
Evaluation of corneal flap thickness in relation to central corneal thickness after laser assisted in situ keratomileusis using two types of micro keratomes
Said Magdy Said, Amr Fawzy Sharaf, Hisham Adel Hasby and Mohammed El Saadany Ghoraba
Pages: 86-91  -  Viewed: 390  -  Downloaded: 161
Spectrum of orbital injuries with special reference to road traffic accidents
Dr. Ankita Raj, Dr. Shri Kant, Dr. Garima Rai and Dr. Rajeev Kumar Nayak
Pages: 92-95  -  Viewed: 387  -  Downloaded: 132
Clinical evaluation of Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK)
Osama Mohamed Saad, Amr Fawzy Sharaf, Waleed Abd Elhady Allam and Mohamed Sameh EL Shorbagy
Pages: 96-102  -  Viewed: 365  -  Downloaded: 135
Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) of optic disc in primary angle closure glaucoma
Sara Fathallah Barakat Hegazy, Ahmed Fekry Almaria, Ahmed Mohammed Ghoneim and Tarek Ragaiey Hussien
Pages: 103-109  -  Viewed: 454  -  Downloaded: 209
Posterior segment ultrasonic evaluation of cases of traumatic corneo-scleral lacerations in pediatric eyes
Dina Gamal Al Shamakhy, Amr Fawzy Sharaf, Waleed Abdelhady Allam and Rabab Mohamed El Seht
Pages: 110-115  -  Viewed: 472  -  Downloaded: 237
Pediatric lens trauma in Tanta University eye hospital
Mai Gamal Abd Elqawy Ahmed El Hag, Ahmed Fekry Almaria, Rabab Mohammed El Seht and Tarek Ragaiey Hussi
Pages: 116-121  -  Viewed: 371  -  Downloaded: 162
International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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