International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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Vol. 6 Issue 1 Part A

2024, Vol. 6 Issue 1, Part A
S. No. Title and Authors Name
Multiple cranial nerve palsies with altitudinal hemianopsia following traumatic brain injury in remote area: A case report
Fredric Zulkifly, Gabrielle Nathania, Tiono Budi Gouw and Helen Anastasia Manoe
Pages: 01-04  -  Viewed: 388  -  Downloaded: 164
Expert opinion on netarsudil for the management of glaucoma in Indian settings
Dr. Manjula S and Krishna Kumar M
Pages: 05-10  -  Viewed: 286  -  Downloaded: 131
Corneal biomechanical changes following small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) with variable cap thickness in management of mild to moderate myopia
Hesham Nabil Moustafa El-Esawy, Dr. Waleed Abd El-Hady Allam, Dr. Mohamed Hosny Nasif and Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ghoneim
Pages: 11-19  -  Viewed: 252  -  Downloaded: 122
Assessment of binocular functions in intermittent exotropia before and after surgical correction
Ghada Refat Askar, Mohammed Ashraf El-Desouky, Amr Mahmoud Awara and Ahmed Lotfi Ali
Pages: 20-26  -  Viewed: 233  -  Downloaded: 106
Increase intra ocular pressure
Nagham R Ghaffori Kanaan, Jinan DH Hadi, Sahar Kareem Raheem and Hind I Murad
Pages: 27-30  -  Viewed: 229  -  Downloaded: 73
Outcome of macular hole surgery in a peripheral eye care facility of Nepal
Nitin Tulsyan, Mohamed Azzam and Ranjan Shah
Pages: 31-34  -  Viewed: 256  -  Downloaded: 119
Glaucoma drainage devices: Literature review
Ardiraz Fides Khairunnisa and Rika Agustanti
Pages: 35-40  -  Viewed: 311  -  Downloaded: 191
Epidemiological profile of mechanical ocular trauma in a tertiary care hospital in rural area
Dr. Sareeta Yadav and Dr. JP Chugh
Pages: 41-45  -  Viewed: 174  -  Downloaded: 63
Evaluation of the optic disc, macula and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in patients with thyroid associated ophthalmopathy
B Shraavya, Alhaj Farhath Tasneem, Vittal I Nayak, Alluri H Soumya Shree and S Dishaa
Pages: 46-53  -  Viewed: 132  -  Downloaded: 45
Expert perspectives on the prescription practice of artificial tears for the management of dry eye disease in Indian settings
Dr. Manjula S and Krishna Kumar M
Pages: 54-59  -  Viewed: 142  -  Downloaded: 81
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