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Vol. 5 Issue 1 Part A

2023, Vol. 5 Issue 1, Part A
A cross sectional study to clinically evaluate the retina of COVID-19 patients in a tertiary care Government designated COVID hospital
Author(s): Dr. Rashi Gupta and Dr. Priti Kapadia Gupta
Importance: Retinal vacuities can cause visual disturbances if not treated on time. Past researchers have shown an association of COVID19 with retinal vacuities.
Objective: To evaluate the retina of patients who tested RTPCR or Rapid Antigen test positive for COVID-19.
Design: Cross-sectional study
Setting: COVID-designated Government tertiary healthcare institution. Clinical evaluation of the retina of the patients who suffered COVID-19, either hospitalized or home isolated and/ or who come for follow up in the medicine outdoor patient department was done from September 2020 to January 2022.
Participants: 18 years of age and above were included in the study (by convenience sampling). Patients in the acute phase were evaluated cot side in COVID wards while the patients in the convalescent phase were those who were screened at least 15 days after hospital discharge and after 2 weeks of symptom onset or COVID testing in OPDs. Since the possibility of COVID-19 occurrence is high in diabetes and hypertension such patients were included in study to assess whether it can increase the frequency of retinal vasculitis
Main Outcomes and Measures: Proportion of retinal vasculitis in patients of COVID-19.
Results: Of the 274 study participants having COVID-19 who were evaluated for retinal changes, 187 were males and 87 were females; age group 40-60 years mainly: The patients of three different COVID-19 waves, having mild to severe disease and from acute or convalescent phase of disease were observed (including diabetic and hypertensive patients). None of the patients had significant retinal vasculitis changes in absence of systemic comorbidities. We observed one case of venous fullness, a case with superficial hemorrhage, and one having hard exudates where such retinal lesions were found without any systemic comorbidities.
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Dr. Rashi Gupta, Dr. Priti Kapadia Gupta. A cross sectional study to clinically evaluate the retina of COVID-19 patients in a tertiary care Government designated COVID hospital. Int J Med Ophthalmol 2023;5(1):54-58. DOI: 10.33545/26638266.2023.v5.i1a.140
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