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Vol. 3 Issue 2 Part A

2021, Vol. 3 Issue 2, Part A
To compare conjunctival autografting with autologous serum against fibrin glue in pterygium excision
Author(s): Dr. Rachana Dabhade and Dr. Sujata Chahande
The study included 60 eyes having all nasal primary pterygium. Simple excision was performed followed by closure of the bare sclera by conjunctival autograft by the known method of fibrin glue in 30 eyes (Group A) versus autologous serum (Group B). During follow-up of 3 months, the eyes were assessed in comprehensive manner on postop day one, one month and third month. Outcome measures were assessed by cosmesis, operative time, postoperative recovery, graft inflammation, sub-conjunctival haemorrhage [SCH], Graft stability and recurrence. Average operative time in group A and group B were 18 minutes and 27 minutes respectively. Postoperative findings like graft oedema in conjunctival inflammation were more or less similar in both groups. In terms of graft stability, there were 1 (3.3%) graft loss in group A versus 2 (6.7%) graft loss. 2 (6.7%) partial displacements seen in group A whereas 4 (13.3%) partial displacements in group B. Most common finding in group B was SCH which made poor cosmesis but it lasted 2-3 weeks. There was one granuloma in group A. Both groups had same recurrence rate of 6.7%. Also graft retraction seen in 2 eyes each in either group. Autologous serum glue method is safe, efficacious and cost effective yet not commonly performed. As per our study, this method is associated with less postoperative discomfort with success rates that are comparable to fibrin glue.
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Dr. Rachana Dabhade, Dr. Sujata Chahande. To compare conjunctival autografting with autologous serum against fibrin glue in pterygium excision. Int J Med Ophthalmol 2021;3(2):01-05. DOI: 10.33545/26638266.2021.v3.i2a.75
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