International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology
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International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology

2020, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name
A study to evaluate the effectiveness of conventional DCR and DCR implant method in chronic dacryocystitis
Dr. Shiv Kumar, Dr. Md Imamul Hoda and Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Pages: 65-67  -  Viewed: 702  -  Downloaded: 301
To study glaucoma awareness, knowledge, attitude towards screening in patients of western Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Priyadarshini, Dr. PS Rastogi and Dr. Ashish Chander
Pages: 68-72  -  Viewed: 764  -  Downloaded: 346
Effect of cataract surgery on macular thickness in diabetic patients
Prachi Rathore, Ashish Chander and PS Rastogi
Pages: 73-76  -  Viewed: 993  -  Downloaded: 387
To study the pattern of ocular morbidity in school going children in western Uttar Pradesh
Vineet Choudhary, Ashish Chander and Gopesh Mehrotra
Pages: 77-80  -  Viewed: 745  -  Downloaded: 348
Assessment of cases of Pythium insidiosum keratitis- A clinical study
Dr. Rajdeep Sood and Dr. Rohan Sood
Pages: 81-83  -  Viewed: 730  -  Downloaded: 313
Assessment of clinical profile of patients with uveitis
Dr. Rajdeep Sood and Dr. Rohan Sood
Pages: 84-86  -  Viewed: 723  -  Downloaded: 313
Evaluation of macular and retinal nerve fibre layer thickness in unilateral amblyopic patients by using optical coherence tomography
Dr. Ranjot Kour, Dr. PS Rastogi, Dr. Gopesh Mehrotra and Dr. Ashish Chander
Pages: 87-90  -  Viewed: 690  -  Downloaded: 317
Comparison and evaluation of ketorolac tromethamine 0.5%, ketotifen fumarate 0.05% and azelastine hydrochloride in patients of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
Manisha Rathi, Dr. Rajesh Garg, Dr. Jitender Phogat, Sumit Sachdeva and Dr. Dixit Soni
Pages: 91-94  -  Viewed: 840  -  Downloaded: 417
Surgically induced astigmatism in frown versus chevron incision in MSICS
Manisha Rathi, Dixit Soni, Ritesh Verma, Sumit Sachdeva, Jitender Phogat
Pages: 95-97  -  Viewed: 858  -  Downloaded: 368
Variation in central corneal thickness in diabetes: A comparative prospective study at a tertiary care hospital
J Kishore Kumar Jacob, I Anesha Isaac, Janie Salor and N Rajendran
Pages: 98-102  -  Viewed: 869  -  Downloaded: 409
A study of ocular surface disease in patients using topical antiglaucoma medication at a tertiary care centre
Dr. G Sujatha and Dr. Swarnalatha Palle
Pages: 103-107  -  Viewed: 362  -  Downloaded: 137
International Journal of Medical Ophthalmology